When Should You Get Dental Implants?

If you presently have one or more missing teeth or failing teeth—or if you currently wear dentures—you know how tooth loss affects your life: It may cause you to be more careful when eating and speaking, and to hide your smile when you’d like to let it show. Here’s something you should consider as well: […]

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What Does Sugar Do To Your Teeth?

Easter is over but are you now thinking about all the ramifications of those Peeps and jelly beans you’ve eaten? The Easter Bunny has a way of just dropping off those sugary baskets and hopping away. But it isn’t just your waistline that might be paying for all that yummy candy and chocolate you’ve consumed. […]

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Vitamin D: A Key Component to Oral Health

We’ve been taught since childhood to drink our milk so we can get and keep stronger bones. As a society, we acknowledge how important vitamin D is to our bone health. But we rarely hear how key it is for good oral health—to keep strong, healthy teeth. So while millions of people are missing teeth, […]

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